Illuminate Uplighting

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At Illuminate Uplighitng, we are focused on providing quality services to each and every event specific to your needs. We carry LED up lights that are capable of offering standard colors as well as customized colors according to your theme/setting!

We use modern LED style fixtures which are smaller, more discrete, use less electricity (your venue manager will love this) and offer a wider range of colors. They operate virtually “cold” so you do not have to worry about curious kids burning themselves. They use only 13 watts per fixture, versus up to 300 for a large PAR can fixture.

LED fixtures do really well in the Blue, Hot Pink and Magenta ranges so if you’re looking for that “club” feel or ultra-chic contemporary look then you'll be extremely satisfied with the setting pay-off!

We also offer Customized Monogram-Gobo Lights with an exceptional variety of designs premade to choose from. Customized Monograms can also be ordered within 5 business days prior to event. The possibilities and range of selections are endless and we can find anything to best suit your special day!