chiavari chairs

Rachel and Mike's Terranea Resort Wedding


Elegance was the name of the game for Rachel and Mike’s gorgeous wedding at the Terranea Resort and we had an absolutely wonderful time working with them. As destination weddings go, this one had it all and we got to do what we do best – add luxury elements to a beautiful space. 


Our white dance floor is one of our favorite rental pieces and does so much for your space. Every reception needs a dance floor, and this stark white one is a great way to make your room look bigger and brighter, which is one of the biggest reasons for using it at Rachel and Mike’s wedding. It also keeps the focus on your décor and florals while creating the perfect foundation for all your reception activities. 


Rachel and Mike chose gold Chiavari chairs to emphasize the details at their reception and provide their guests with a comfortable seat. This addition of a metallic pop throughout the room really brought out the gold accented flatware and were a great contrast to the white and green hues of their florals. These gold chairs stand out against the backdrop of crème linens as well as the white dance floor and flowers, giving the whole room a glamorous feel.


No reception would be complete without a pop of color! In this case, Rachel and Mike chose navy blue velvet napkins to add color to their palette. We absolutely love the way these specialty napkins play off the white flowers and emphasize the blue accents in each arrangement. Texture was another element in play here, and when it comes to elegant, velvet is always a top choice. 


Rachel and Mike’s stunning wedding at Terranea put into practice one of the key aspects we love: incorporating details to make your reception pop and add to the aesthetic of your event. We loved each choice, from the white dance floor to the gold Chiavari chairs and navy velvet napkins. Every accent piece added to the overall elegance of their wedding and made the whole room glow.

Upgrading Your Chairs


In almost all cases, the chairs included in your event package are folding chairs for outside and then standard corporate looking banquet chairs for inside. Making them not most comfortable or not the most appealing. Chairs are the base for any event, be it a wedding or party, and upgrading from the basic hotel choices will elevate your décor, plus ensure your guests are comfortable throughout your ceremony and reception.


If you’ve seen any movie or TV show that has a wedding in it, you’ve probably seen a Chiavari chair. They can be identified by their characteristic top panel of vertical spindles, followed by two sets of horizontal rails, and sets of raised rings spaced throughout the frame. These chairs are popular choices for all types of events because not only are they comfortable and sturdy, but they come in a variety of colors and finishes. We offer Chiavari chairs in white, gold, silver, clear, and fruitwood, so you’re sure to find a choice suitable for your event. All of our chair rentals also include chair pads, which is crucial in keeping your guests comfortable for any length of time.


Another great option we have for upgrading your event chairs is the Wooden Crossback chair. These chairs have a characteristic “X” back rail (hence the name) and come in a variety of finishes. Crossback chairs look great in any setting, especially an outdoor wedding or event, and bring a rustic charm to your décor. 

Seating choices are an important part of your event planning and upgrading your chairs from the basic ones provided at your venue is a great way to elevate your décor and keep everyone comfortable all night long. Chairs put the finishing touch on the atmosphere of your event or wedding while also pulling your entire venue together. Once you upgrade to Chiavari or Vineyard Crossback, you’ll never want to sit in a regular folding chair again!